Gardens rooms and Bars have seen a massive rise in popularity over the most recent years with more people investing into these social hubs. We've been building bars and garden rooms all across Dorset and we've seen how much it can transform wasted garden space and give a whole new feel to a household. 

The perks of building Bars/Garden rooms is that they don't need planing permission and they can help give that additional room in the house for not a significant expense. They can also bring the party to your house! 


We love building these bars at Iconic as the creativity is endless and we love the fact these Bars and Garden rooms can transform the atmosphere of a house completely. If you have unused space or a run down shed in your garden, you could potentially replace it with a garden room and bar and give it that whole new modern feel.

Here are a few of our completed bars and garden rooms, we hope they can give you some inspiration.


Bars add a great dynamic to a house and become a great social hub.

If you're interested in a bar and want to know about our services, then contact us at: