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At Iconic we don't build houses, we build homes!


What is Iconic?

Iconic Projects are a group of construction specialists, based in Dorset, UK. With our extensive knowledge in the building industry we claim to be specialists within all aspects of a development or building project. 


At Iconic we like to pride ourself in our professional service, ensuring every client is to be satisfied with the projects from the start to end and always exceeding their expectation with the final product produced, by being on time and on budget.


Our team at Iconic has a reputation for being reliable and having some of the highest detailed quality control within their work, this is all built from our years of experience working in the industry and working as a close collective group, some of our staff have worked together for over 25 years.


We believe there is no limitations to what our team can perform.

Our Services 

At Iconic we offer a large variation of services, here are a few examples on what we can do for you:


- Loft Conversions

- Timber frame housing

- Bar/Garden rooms 

- New Builds 

- Timber roof structures

- Renovations and alternations 

- Decking and patios installation

- Exterior designing 

- Refurbishments 

Specialised jobs 

- Consultation and advice service


We have also performed a large variation of specialised jobs, feel free to inquire us on it! We at Iconic love to have a challenge!

For a free estimate or any project ideas contact us at:

 The Company Ethos 

At Iconic we strive to put a positive on a building industry so negatively portrayed. We believe the image of the building industry has to change and the industry needs to evolve! Building is an incredible art form that needs to be appreciated! Our goal as a company is to show the world the positives of the building industry, giving opportunities to young individuals to build and develop a career for themselves. Building is a career that can exported anywhere in the world and we need to teach more people the value of a trade! Our team is built from family and friends with the majority of our team being trainees and apprentices overlooked by skilled tradesmen. Over the next year we hope to show the world a better building industry!  

Bradley Bonner 
Managing Director at Iconic 

Our most recent project:

This projects is a entertainments area built for clients 18 year old son, this was a nice change for Iconic coming from a 2 and half year project to a 6 weeks build. All completed now and the clients was blown away by what was created, we reused all the patio slabs to keep the cost down for the client and worked to get the best finish possible within the clients budget.


Iconic Project 2 - By Ben Parker-31_edit
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