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Bars/ garden rooms
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What is Iconic?

Iconic Projects is a group of construction specialists, based in Dorset, UK. With our extensive knowledge in the building industry we claim to be specialists within all aspects of a development or building project. 


At Iconic we like to pride ourself in our professional service, ensuring every client is to be satisfied with the projects from the start to end and always exceeding their expectation with the final product produced, by being on time and on budget.


Our team at Iconic has a reputation for being reliable and having some of the highest detailed quality control within their work, this is all built from our years of experience working in the industry and working as a close collective group, some of our staff have worked together for over 22 years.


We believe there is no limitations to what our team can perform.

Our Services 

At Iconic we offer a large variation of services, here are a few examples on what we can do for you:


- Loft Conversions

- Timber frame housing

- Bar/Garden rooms 

- New Builds 

- Timber roof structures

- Renovations and alternations 

- Decking and patios installation

- Exterior designing 

- Refurbishments 

Specialised jobs 


We have also performed a large variation of specialised jobs, feel free to inquire us on it! We at Iconic love to have a challenge!

For a free estimate or any project ideas contact us at:

The Company Ethos 


We care for our clients and will always give our professional opinion on what we believe is the best for the job.



We work to always be on time and on budget.


We always want to exceed our clients vision with the end product.

Our Personal Ethos

"Iconic is wanting to help the youth of the future! We as a company critically care about giving the youth an opportunity in the building industry. We believe as a country we have forgotten the idea of promoting a trade! What we are trying to do is address this situation by showcasing stories of individuals in the industry and others who are desperately wanting to move into it. Our message as a company is to promote. The industry has had a lot of bad press in the most recent years and what we want to do is bring back the importance of a trade and express the value of having a trade. Theres a massive shortage of labour in the building industry (estimated 250,000) and as a company we are going to try our best in trying to influence a change! Employers need to give the youth of today the same opportunities that they gave the youth 30 years back and the youth need to look at the value of a trade and actually consider it as an option."


Bradley Bonner 

Director of Iconic  

Here we have James, a 21yr old who wants to be a bricklayer but is failing to find a job opportunity under today's society. This is a perfect example of why we need to change. James is a hard worker and is desperate for a chance to prove himself in the industry, if you believe you can give him a opportunity, then please get in touch with us!

This is Marcus, a 20yr old who is desperately looking to pursue a career as an electrician but is currently unable to complete his college course as he cannot find an apprenticeship. Marcus proves that the system in place at colleges aren't good enough for youth. If you can help Marcus find an electrical apprenticeship in anyway way please get in contact!  

This is Steve, one of our managers at Iconic. He is passionate to change the current imagery of the building industry and has been on a quest for a couple of years to create a movement, he is the root of the idea and is the main man for the movement

If you believe you can help our movement or contribute please get in touch with us at: we want to make a change but we need support in order for that to happen. If we don't do something now, we will struggle to fill this growing labour shortage in the future. 


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"Our response to the current situation of COVID-19 is to continue our work as per usual. However we have taken extra steps to ensure our clients and all our employees and subcontractors safety, ensuring when working for our clients projects that we are wearing the correct protection equipment to help reduce the risk to our clients and ensuring that we are trying our best to practice social distancing as much as possible to ensure safety to the customer as well as our team.

We hope everyone is staying safe during these unprecedented times!"

Many thanks

Bradley Bonner

Director of ICONIC